Meet Our Team

Roc Davis


Roc has been in ministry since he was 15 years old as a worship leader, and young adults pastor. Roc has also been, marketing, designing and building websites for over 12 years. Roc’s knowledge of both the marketing and church world make him the perfect canadate to be the guy behind of our videos. (besides the fact he loves being the center of attention!) Roc and his wife Lacey have an adorable little boy named Christian Cole who they are raising to love Jesus and Alabama Football ?!

Justin Nava


Justin has been helping churches exceed their vision and goals for over 10 years. When he’s not geeking out over his Ironman collection (which is amazing BTW.) He is helping church planters and pastors reach more people for Jesus. For the last few years Justin Justin has been one half of the Church Media Guys on Youtube and worked with Church Training Academy before joining our team. Justin and his wife Bridgette have an awesome little girl named Jill, and can’t wait for the Astros to actually WIN the World Series ⚾!

KP Jones


KP has served as a youth and creative pastor for several years and now serves as lead pastor in PA. He keeps our graphics and branding up to par and is constantly buying new Pitsburg Penguin, Pirates and Steeler gear. (Seriously he has a problem.) KP also serves as our resident hipster and rocks a legendary beard! He and his wife Kiersti have an amazing Great Dane named Charge? .

Kristen Pearson

Graphic Designer

Kristen is our unofficial online promoter and helps with graphic design. Kristen works with a worldwide missions ministry doing graphic design and media. She’s a world traveler  and currently stationed in Switzerland with her team, Helping bring the gospel to that region. She was our number one hire and gets the coolest glasses award ?.

Sierra Laskowski

Content Creator

Sierra is the lady behind making our social media look so awesome! She’s served as a graphic director and has a degree in Advertising and Public Relations. Her husband Zach and baby girl Hayden live in North Carolina where they tolerate her coffee addiction. (Pray for her deliverance ?)

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